Guernsey is in a state of crisis, Government funds have been hacked resulting in a total debt situation, The states of Guernsey has collapsed and states employed workforce is no longer being paid following the financial collapse, certain elements are laying claim to utilities but the key to control of the island is the water supply.
The two strongest elements, The Northern Retail Alliance (NRA) composed of key business sector investors and their paid mercenary force and the Southern Farmers Union (SFU) who have raised a local militia.

With Minor skirmishes around the Island so far, fighting has been limited to hit and run tactics from both sides trying to intimidate the other into standing down.
The situation has however worsened due to a third party intervention from the Wishy Washy Water co. based in Sark WWWS, who saw an opportunity to make a profit selling their water to a thirsty population by air dropping in toxic chemicals to pollute the water supply at the Dam, fortunately the Jersey States Militia (JSM) got wind of the plot and shot down the stolen helicopter on its drop run resulting in the water soluble chemical rods being strewn across the neighbouring Choffin Farm fields and woods.

The Jersey States fear a mass exodus of the population to their island, potentially destabilising their own government, should the water supply be contaminated and have airdropped in a JSM peacekeeping force, who have set up a temporary telephone exchange on the farm following the phone utilities leaving the island to prevent their companies being put at risk after the main exchange was destroyed during one of the earlier skirmishes, and The JSM are using the exchange in attempting to get the SFU & NRA to talk and negotiate a peaceful compromise.
Both the SFU and the NRA realise the potential of being able to threaten the other with use of the toxic chemicals, and control of the water supply and have amassed their forces on the outskirts of the Choffin Farm.

With negotiations at breaking point, and a limited JSM force present due to war with the French fish traders, the stage is set for a decisive military coup by either The SFU or the NRA.