Battletec is a fun outdoor game involving teams of five up to fifty players. It normally takes place in a closed off environment suitable for combat simulations. Rather than real guns Battletec uses airsoft guns that shoot small 6mm plastic BB pellets. These sting when they come into contact with your skin, but don't scar. This is a fun way to build fitness, team work skills and shoot holes in your friends! Battletec is the only airsoft site and shop in the whole Channel Islands and it is one of the longest running shops and sites in the UK.

We hold games every two weeks open to anyone, see Games (page coming soon!) or Contact Us for more information. We also hold private bookings.




Cadets (Under 15 years old)

£15 — Own Kit
£25 — Full Hire

Adults (15 years and older)

£25 — Own Kit
£35 — Full Hire