Currently we use two different types of rifle:

This is an AK47 Beta Spetsnaz:

We currently have a mix of manufactures such
as ASG,Tokyo Marui and a few others. This is
really a solid rifle that has done Battletec
well for many years!
Drive: Electric - v3 gearbox
Scale: 1:1
Made of: ABS + metal
The effective range : about 45 meters
Velocity: 105 m / s
Magazine capacity: 250 balls
Length: 685 mm
Weight: 2600 g

This is a ASG G36C:

This is our most recent rifle. We have only had these
for about 10 months, but people seemed to love them from
the beginning!So if you want to use one
you will have to be quick, as we only have 10!
Mag. Capacity:470 rounds
Velocity: 96(315)
Made of: Abs
Weight: 2850 grams
Length: 718 mm
Barrel length: 247 mm
Energy: 0,9 Joule
Effective Range: 55 meters