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Next Walk-On Details:
Date: 15th April
Site: Mirus
Time: (Cadets) 09:00 - 12:00
         (Adults)13:00 - 17:00
Next Gas Game(walk-on):
Date: TBA
Site: TBA
Time: TBA
  • Full Hire : £35                           
  • Own :       £25
  • Cadets:
  • Full Hire : £25
  • Own :       £15

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    group click on the links below:

    We are ready to give your group a war game experience like no other. Never played before? Don't worry, our games cater for all experience levels. Large bookings require notice well in advance.

    If you are between the ages of 10-15 you are a cadet. And if you are 15+ then you will be classified as an adult.
    So you have decided you want to have a thrill and want to come so what do you do? The answer to that questions is prepare yourself for one of the best thrills of your life. You dont actually have to do much just turn up on the day with your entry fee and some extra cash ready for refreshments on site, and for serious thrill seekers we have pyro. Currently we have thunderflash grenades and smoke grenades. Without these you will be missing out on some serious fun!

    Please ensure that you arrive on site 30 minutes before hand so you can prepare yourself for battle!

    Please see sites for further details on each site or dont feel afraid to pop into our shop and speak to our friendly staff about any problems you might have.