So, you're hiring the kit, but what do you get and what is it?


We currently have a fleet of G36C's and a fleet of Ak Beta Spetsnaz's. This is probably the most important item, this will alow you to shoot the enemy.


Bottom line is safety. A BB to an eye or a tooth is not something we want to happen so for this reason we hire out full face masks. These are washed with anti-bacterial spray after use.


A handy thing, especially when you run out! Our Airsoft guns fire 6mm BBs that weigh in at 0.20g, so you can carry quite a lot for those big fire fights! We issue 700rounds to cadets and 1000 to adults. But if you are trigger happy then dont be afraid we have more on site for a small price!


Very handy in warfare who could do without it! We issue you with dpm overalls or jackets we also have lots of belts aswell!

On Site Store

Coke :1
Crisps : 0.50
Chocolate bars : 0.75
Thunderflash Grenades: 3.50
Smoke grenades : 4.00
-700 rounds : 5
-2000 rounds : 10