Corporate bookings are normally for 15+. These bookings can range between a standard stag do, fun day out and Work team building! A good number for these can be between 10-20 so the teams are even and you get a chance to use the whole site! Although if you wish to have bigger teams then that's fine but please not this down on the booking form and make sure you let us know well in advance. The fee can be payed by cheque or cash. If it is a cheque it should be made out to "Battletec".

If you are on full hire for £35 the you are entitled to/given:

If you are not hiring then it is £20 and you are entitled to/given:

After you have signed in the standard prices apply:

Coke :£1
Crisps : £0.50
Chocolate bars : £0.75
Thunderflash Grenades: £3.50
Smoke grenades : £4.00
-700 rounds : £5
-2000 rounds : £10